The Bastardization of Identity

November 24, 2009 at 3:20 AM (Uncategorized) ()

To “identify” has taken on a special meaning in the GLBTLOLWTFBBQ and feminist communities. Let me illustrate with a short dramatization:

Person Who Is Obviously Not X: “I am X.”
Sane Person: “No you aren’t.”
Person Who Is Obviously Not X: “How dare you?!? I identify as X! Who are you to question my identity!”

“Identifying” has become a means for people to lay claim to/appropriate groups they are not a part of, with the added bonus that anyone who dares to question the “identity” is villified as closed-minded/transphobic/hateful/etc. We are expected to buy into the nonsense that claiming, wishing for, seeing oneself as, wanting to be seen/treated as, thinking that one should have been, etc., is the same/on a level with actual being, or that there is no “being,” and the category being appropriated is something that anyone can choose or not choose.

Two examples of this behavior are bisexual women who “identify” as lesbians, and “mtfs”/”trans women” (in quotations because it is, of course, impossible for a male to “transition” into femalehood or womanhood) who “identify” as women.

Some women are not yet aware of their true sexuality and some just flat out lie, but I can scarcely imagine why any woman who openly admits to bisexual behavior or desires would “identify” as a lesbian, so I googled it, and, not surprisingly, came up with nonsense. In many cases, part of the philosophy behind “identifying,” whether conscious or not, is that words can mean whatever the hell we want them to, and that is clearly illustrated here:

“If you define a lesbian as a woman who emotionally, sexually, and spiritually centers her life around women, then I am a lesbian.”

Sorry, but a lack of sexual/romantic interest in/relationships with men is part of it, too. Hell, by this definition, any straight woman who has mostly women in her life is a “lesbian.”

This example is just sad:

“I remember talking one time with a bisexual friend about how I wished I could identify as a lesbian because that word sounded so powerful. Lesbian women sounded so sure of who they were. I wished I was that sure.”

Who wrote this FAQ?:

“Others, for political and social reasons, may wish to identify with the lesbian & gay communities. ”

Ok…pretending you’re something you’re not and appropriating lesbianism…exactly whose politics does this further?

Assuming this is a real question, the personal confusion here is pathetic:

“So basically I am only attracted to women and have only ever been with women but for the past year have been dating a guy. I still feel as though I’m lesbian though and I really think it’s only this particular guy.”

She’s only attracted to women, yet she’s dating a guy. Is she not attracted to the guy she’s dating?

I won’t even get into posting examples of the “mtf” and “trans woman” appropriation of womanhood (not to mention lesbianism, intersexuality, motherhood, and more!) because you can find that it has exploded in “queer,” GLBWHATEVER, and even feminist blogs/communities all over the internet like a sewer pipe stuffed with dynamite.

The sad part is when people who really are what they claim to be bend their knees to the specious “identites” of others by “identifying” themselves. Anyone who is really a woman, or lesbian, or whatever else, and “identifies” as such is only supporting the appropriation of her identity (true identity, not the bullshit “you-are-whatever-you-say-you-are” identity) by fakes, wannabes, and privileged/ignorant morons who have spent too much time swallowing postmodern, linguistic nihilism to recognize the importance (or even the possibility) of accuracy, truth, and the political necessity of certain group identifications.

I do not “identify” as a woman. I am one.
I do not “identify” as a lesbian. I am one.



  1. easilyriled said,

    “GLBTLOLWTFBBQ ” is the absolute best thing EVER. love it. Thank you.

  2. FeistyAmazon said,

    THANK YOU…thank you very much for this. Can I quote this on my blog?? I’ve been arguing against the ‘self-identify’ shit forever! Cuz someone could say “I am a tiger. I identify with tigers, I look like a tiger, I wear tiger makeup and clothes with tiger stripes, therefore I have a tiger inside me and I’M A TIGER!” Well, maybe in bed, honey, but…THAT DON”T MAKE YOU ONE. Whereas true, real bio-tigers in the wild are being hunted, killed into extermination, like the Siberian Tigers and other wild tigers or starved to death by encroachment by humans onto their wild spaces… do you IDENTIFY with the true struggles of tigers, and are you ready to be put on the savannah or jungle with them????

    Accckkkk….I’m so SICK of this ‘self-identify’ insanity. Either you ARE or AREN’T the thing you ‘claim’ to be, and as I was taught at a young age ‘ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!’ If you’re fucking a dude…honey, you ain’t no DYKE/LESBIAN! Sorry, but we don’t roll that way!

  3. Imaginary said,

    What the hell? Dating a man but you FEEL like a lesbian? That’s the lamest thing I’ve ever heard. I can hardly stand in the same room as a man, I literally gag when faced with the possiblity of “intimacy” (intim-ASS-ee. hee hee hee).

  4. Radical Feminist Dictionary: Alphabet Soup « Against All Evidence said,

    […] Example: “GLBTLOLWTFBBQ” (via Lesbian + Women’s Liberationist) […]

  5. BreaktheChain said,

    I know that you are commenting on the woman who has had relationships with women, but is currently dating a man while calling herself a lesbian (which is weird), but what do you think about the opposite situation?
    Can a true lesbian (not bi-) attempt to fit into patriarchal/heteronormative culture by being in sexual relationships with men earlier in life, because she is not strong enough to come out as a lesbian? Can she come out later in life as a lesbian when she realizes that her assumed sexuality was all a lie?
    One of the first lesbian feminists and activists, Adrienne Rich, wrote an essay in 1980 called “Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence,” in which she explains that lesbians CAN be coerced by their culture/parents to engage in sexual relationships with men that they do not authentically want.
    Adrienne had married a man and actually had children, but later divorced her husband and claimed that she had really been a lesbian from birth. She then became involved in an authentic, sexual, committed relationship with a woman that she was really in love with. I have to agree with her.
    Actions may seem to speak louder than words, until you realize that actions can be very elaborate, dishonest performances. They are not necessarily an expression of authentic desires. People, especially women, don’t always have the self-confidence to pursue their true desires, until they reach a certain level of maturity. Of course, a bi- or straight woman can lie about being a lesbian. But a lesbian can also lie about being straight or bi-. I don’t think that that lie is treacherous to the lesbian community, but a tragic case of repression, fear, and self-doubt.
    This happened to me. I am 25, have dated 6 men, have had sex with them, did not love any of them, was not sexually attracted to any of them, and did not enjoy having sex with them. I just went out with them when they asked me and had sex with them when it seemed like they wanted me to, because it felt like a duty that I had to deal with. I cringe when I think about it. I also gag at the thought of sex with a man.

    I have only been in love with women and only sexually attracted to women, since childhood. But, I have not been in a sexual/romantic relationship with a woman yet. Other lesbians in my life keep telling me that I have to sleep with a woman first to “make sure” that I am a lesbian. It’s as if they don’t believe that I would. Sometimes, it feels like I’m being bullied by other lesbians, when they should be supporting me as I come out.
    Will the lesbian feminists accept me as a lesbian who has been enslaved and hurt by patriarchal culture? Isn’t patriarchal control of female sexuality what we’re fighting against as feminists? Lesbians are one group of women who are sometimes controlled and forced to identify as bi-sexual, in order to continue to please men.
    I do not perceive “lesbian” to be an “identity” that I’m appropriating. I will never date or have sex with a man again. I am not bi-sexual. I am a lesbian. I feel like no one believes or understands me.
    Sorry for the length. Just wanted to put that theory out there for consideration.

  6. BreaktheChain said,

    It’s not the “opposite” situation. Just a different kind of situation in which a lesbian may have sex with a man and still be a lesbian. Also, I didn’t mean to say that Adrienne Rich was one of the first activists. That’s obviously not true. But, she was one of the first women to write an academic essay specifically about Lesbian Feminism.


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