February 19, 2012 at 2:32 PM (Uncategorized)

I am surprised that so many people keep subscribing to this blog even though it’s been forever since I last posted anything. Well, queerspeak is something I love to complain about, so here is another post. If you don’t know what queerspeak is, it’s my term for all words/terms made up by queer/alphabet soup people that have to do with identity, as well as all pre-existing words/terms they appropriate and try to change the meaning of or suck the meaning out of altogether. Alphabetsoupism is the fantasy that all the letters in the alphabet soup (LGBTQQIA, and whatever else has been tacked on since I stopped paying attention) are one big happy family, have the same perspectives and goals, support each other in those goals, and NEVER question each other on anything even tangentially related to personal identity, and any one of the letters who dissents is a random hater who is automatically wrong without discussion.

Some moron called me cisgender yesterday. First of all, anybody who uses this word should know that it is a term that only a small minority are familiar with, and explain themselves accordingly, but this discussion took place in an alphabet soup (LGBTLOL) forum, and one of the epidemic assumptions of alphabetsoupism is that everyone thinks alike, so it was instantly assumed that I not only knew what this meant, but that I actually accepted it as a valid concept.

I have an idea of what this person meant (not trans), but so many alphabetsoupists can’t tell the difference between biological sex and gender roles that I couldn’t tell if I was being called not transsexual (as in not unhappy with my sex) or not transgender (as in not happy with my gender, which creates more confusion because, despite everyone in alphabetsoup expecting that they all think alike, they actually all seem to have their own definition of gender, all completely vague, of course).

Anyways, someone had started a discussion about “dropping” the B and T from LGBT, so I made a comment that T had nothing whatsoever to do with LGB, and that all these groups of people should not be lumped together willy-nilly, especially since some of them have totally incompatible sociopolitical goals (such as LG vs. homophobic and lesbiphobic trannies). Someone replied that they all belong together because they are all atypical in terms of sexual orientation, “gender identity,” or both, so, in order to drive home my point that we don’t all think alike, I let the person know that not everyone even believes “gender identity” is real.

But of course, EVERYONE MUST BELIEVE IN GENDER IDENTITY, so someone rolled out that old queer argument standby (or stand-in, I should say), comparison to conservative Christians. Apparently, everything that every conservative Christian ever said, every idea they ever had, is completely wrong, so it is somehow possible to “prove” someone else is wrong just by comparing them to conservative Christians, no matter how dissimilar the ideas being compared!

Think males can’t be females? You are just like a conservative Christian! Claim you don’t have a “gender identity”? You are just like a conservative Christian! Discussion over!

That’s when I was called cisgender. I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m cisgender, apparently. The problem with that is that it doesn’t just mean not-trans. It implies something about my relationship to either my sex or the feminine gender role (depending on how being used) that the other person could not possibly know anything about. Ironically, it is a projection of the trans experience onto everybody else; they are unhappy about something, therefore, everyone else must be happy with it. Not true. There is this thing called indifference; not everyone thinks it is hugely important to be or appear to be either male or female. Of course, the response to this is invariably, “you don’t care because you are cis and don’t experience any mismatch between mind and body,” but these people don’t know how anyone is going to feel or act under any given set of circumstances.

With regard to gender roles (and yes, despite queer gospel that trans people are the most progressive people on Earth, there are some that actually support gender roles and want society to enforce them), the “cisgender” assumption is that people are either happy with their assigned gender role, or want to live in the opposite gender role; either trans or cis. Which of course ignores or pathologizes those of us who want all gender roles to disappear.



  1. phonaesthetica said,

    Thrilled to see a new post here. πŸ™‚

  2. FeistyAmazon said,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! And I’d like to see us take back just L/G personally….let the bisexuals align with the trans, since they don’t mind a bit of either sex, or it all combined together or mixed up or ‘not important’ in an individual, because according to bisexual/pansexual/queer thinking “it’s not the body parts, it’s the PERSON”, when indeed those of us who are 100% Lesbian or 100% Gay, that is HOMOSEXUAL, it matters indeed, just as it does to our straight counterparts. Let’s see ’em tell that to a totally straight dude and see how far they get…..

    It just GETS to me that they’ve smashed 4 sometimes completely incompatible communities together(as us Lesbians are all for Female empowerment, Dyke and women’s space and womon to womon sexuality, whereas Gay guys completely worship the male and want male only space, and bisexual women often sell us Lesbians down the road, while bisexual men often hit on us, and well, don’t get me started about the trans. And then they come up with ‘Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual’. We all went through a Questioning phase, and either we resolved it, or the individuals went right back to the het world with het privilege, the Asexuals are well, Asexual, and neither gay/lesbian or straight…with often straight thinking or in complete sexual repression, and the intersex, as they’ve often said, are completely overshadowed by autogynophilic trans MTF’s (bio males), who ‘claim’ they’re intersex and make up all kinds of stories when decidely they are NOT! It can go on and on to the moment of INSANITY, which basically leads to, let ‘s US LESBIANS take back OUR own space and divorce ourselves from the alphabet soup! Cuz NONE of the rest are going to have our Female focussed interests in mind!

    And thanks for responding about the ‘cissexual’ nonsense, and the rest of the vaguely defined words, like for instance ‘genderqueer’ whatever the fuck that means and implies. As a Butch Dyke, I don’t fit into ANY preconcieved heterosexual roles designated for Females, but NEITHER AM I TRANSGENDER! And yet, I AM all Female, all womon and 100% Lesbian! So where does that leave me in the ‘cissexual’ nonsense?? Nowhere…..just another nonsensical concept and nonsensical word to silence Lesbians and other bio female women who object to ex-men taking over our women only spaces and bathrooms, speaking FOR us without having a clue ABOUT us and our intimate struggles, or attempting to shame or herd Butches into the ‘transgender’ category since we do not fit into preconcieved heterosexual female gender ROLES…….

    Thank you again. Keep speaking out!
    -IN DykeAmazon Sisterhood,

    • lesbianplusfeminist said,

      I will be the first to agree with you that there things that lesbians and bisexual womyn do not have in common, but I support them in their love of womyn, regardless of whether or not they are interested in men. Trans*, however, is about personal identity, a completely different realm.

      I will not have a connection between asexuals and “sexual repression” made on this blog. Just because people don’t want to have sex doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them. Some still have romantic relationships, and have a preference about who they have them with. Let them speak for themselves about being les/gay/bi/straight.

  3. KittyBarber said,

    “A” You’re and Amazon!
    “B” Coming brave and strong
    Clearly and consciously you “C”
    “D” You’re so dyke-y
    “E” How you excite me
    How fortunate a female faculty!

    That’s the ABC for me.
    Love the blog
    Kitty Barber

  4. Shadows Grrrl said,

    Delighted to see a post here again. Thanks so much for taking on the alphabet soup! I’d keep Lesbians and Bi women in my personal alphabet before I let the gay boys, transboys, used2Bboys or any other boys into the soup. Women-loving women are the girls I want to be in the soup with.

    How is it that people who claim to be transcending their gender roles be so obsessed with them? Don’t think of pink elephants, y’all…

  5. SheilaG said,

    What a great article. “Cis” is a word designed by bio-men. They still can’t seem to stop themselves from stealing the power of naming from bio-women. And I want a divorce from the alphabet soup too, because lesbian and women’s interests have very little in common with trans or gay male. Lesbians really really need to focus resources on lesbian community. If we don’t, we’ll have it taken away from us. Ever notice how hard it is to find lesbian only public space these days? I rest my case.

  6. SheilaG said,

    Go over to Tenured Radical’s blog, and you’ll see a male to trans writing an article about Adrienne Rich, and of course, attacking her. Now why would a lesbian have a male to trans writing about Adrienne Rich? The bio-male writing this piece reveals just about all the tactics men use to erase the greatness of women. Mary Daly said that the erasure begins in ernest when women die, that’s when the patriarchy starts undermining great women. It’s how lesbians get demeaned and erased. Anyone want to take on Jenny Boylan? Of course he can quote Shakespeare, but almost the entire article about a LESBIAN POET is about the trans agenda of erasing lesbian revolutionaries… Adrienne Rich just died, but that doesn’t matter, patriarchy is going for it yet again!

    Yeah, I want a divorce, and I want Dyke greatness to grow, I want our movement to build on the great lesbians of the past, I want our poets sung to, and I don’t want bio men invading sacred lesbian intellectual greatness with their hidden agendas, because …. it’s all about the men. Now that lesbian feminism has unmasked patriarchy, the tactics are to not have lesbians write about Rich, but male to trans…. the very lesbian academics that had Rich to thank for their positions now? The irony is often too much for me.

  7. SheilaG said,

    I’m willing to bet that a male to trans invented the term “cis.”

    • FeistyAmazon said,

      I won’t bet against you on that one, cuz I’d lose! You are probably absolutely right. From what I’ve heard it’s a computer term(like Cisco Systems, which if I understand correctly built alot of the architecture of the Internet), and so many of the MTF are computer geeks to the nth degree. I also think they actively send viruses and worms against radical dyke sites as well.

      And I LOVE what you said Sheila about wanting our Dyke Greatness to grow, but not just the intellectuals, but the hard workers, the everyday dykes, the Lesbian sheros in the Trades I know, who broke in before any or most of the straight girls would even consider it, the Lesbians who I ritual with, and share ritual with, those of us who build the spiritual energy for DykeAmazon Nation, the storytellers, the Wise Womyn, the hardworking womyn, the Lesbian athletes like Martina Navratilova, and Lesbian musicians like k.d. lang and Melissa Etheridge, but all the ones inbetween who are not well known, but strive at their Art, and sing about their love for womyn, the Lesbian Firefighters and Police Officers, Doctors and Nurses, owners of small businesses, Lesbian craftswomyn reflecting our imagery back to us with their talent large and small, all of these too, not just the authors and Academics, the Lesbian martial artists who teach women and other Lesbians self-defense with their strong Amazon spirits, something I have done also, the Lesbian who will come to your house and give you an honest fair price and not rip you off cuz ‘women are too stupid’ to know better, like the men always ASSume, the Lesbian mechanics, the Lesbian community builders in small and large ways, EVERY Lesbian who has kept her focus on building Dyke community, and the Lesbians of Lesbian Connection who have kept our community connecting all these years through contributions to that magazine, and through working on that magazine, one of the very, very few Lesbian institutions that is still going strong, despite the failure of so many of our Lesbian/Womyn’s bookstores, which were our OWN community centers, and the heart and soul of information by and FOR us!
      -In Sisterhood,

  8. SheilaG said,

    Dyke greatness is about every welder with aceteline torch glowing, it is about a nail being pounded into a roof in one stroke, it is about the gourmet chef who feeds you the incredible broiled shrimp, and then given you her phone number.

    Dykes with torches, Dykes with wrenches, Dykes creating beautiful furniture.
    Any woman with the tools disrupts male supremacy and creates a self-sufficient Dyke nation.

    With our minds we deconstruct male supremacy, with our tools we build a nation, together we are unstoppable, and a chef, well, we feed each other shrimp on a Friday night and then make love!

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