“Gendered Oppression”

December 12, 2015 at 1:28 AM (Uncategorized)

Sometimes called “gender oppression.” It does not exist. No one is oppressed based on or because of gender. Oppression of womyn and girls is sex-based oppression. Gender is one of its tools.

Besides the political necessity of identifying why womyn and girls are oppressed as womyn girls (because of their sex), the distinction between sex-based oppression and the non-existent “gendered oppression” highlights the false belief that people are oppressed based on “gender identity.” It’s best to avoid the word “gender” when interacting with people who believe in innate gender because they will twist or genuinely misunderstand the message based on their personal and/or unrealistic and/or apolitical definitions (or vague, self-serving notions) of gender.



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