“Third-Wave Feminism” is For People Who Identify with Patriarchy

May 31, 2016 at 7:21 PM (Uncategorized)

People who identify with gender and believe in innate gender identify with patriarchy.

“Sex workers” who accept and agree that sexual access ought to be a commodity. identify with patriarchy.

“People of color” who identify with the white supremacist concept of being “colored” identify with patriarchy. Adding the word “people” to “colored” doesn’t change the fact that the entire concept is white supremacist.

Without patriarchy, none of these identities could exist. There would be no gender to identify with, no one would be buying or renting bodies, and there would be no race or other hierarchical categorization by skin color.

Radical feminism is for people who don’t identify with patriarchy. For people who want no more gender at all, who want no buying or selling of bodies at all, who want no one to ever be identified or categorized according to race ever again.


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