I am a separatist and womyn and girls come first, both in my life and on this blog.



  1. FeistyAmazon said,

    I like your writing…and live also in the Bay Area. While we may be coming from different Dyke communities, I love meeting a sister traveler, and one as frustrated about some of the trends as I am. I too love classical music and Butches. I have a Butch partner and am Butch on Butch. Always open to new friendships. I too love books and all the wonders they hold. I can’t say I don’t watch television, mostly late night movies, as most T.V. shows absolutely bore me(except some sci fi now and then). Maybe you’d like to get together for a cup of coffee or tea.

    Feel free to write me at the address above: or FeistyAmazon@hotmail.com
    -In Sisterhood,

  2. FeistyAmazon said,

    Or you could email me at LabryisEdge1@comcast.net
    Either one…just mention the blog so I know who you are!

  3. fmnst said,

    Thank you for daring to say the,word, “separatist.”! 🙂

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